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Engineering Services for optimizing sputtering processes

We have acquired a typical know-how in static magnetic fields optimisation for magnetron coaters. Feeling that a lot of trouble in sputtering process is due to static magnetic field circuit and that the overall productivity of a coater can be improved by optimising the magnetic arrays, we have developed specific tools to simulate and optimize magnetrons.

We can offer services like:

  • On site Magnetic field diagnosis with our 3D Magnetic Mapping Machine
  • Shunt insertion, and optimisation
  • Design of specific magnet arrays, to increase electron bombardment, target usage, …

With the 3D Magnetic Mapping Machine, we have developed software to analyze the magnetic field, and simulate the coating uniformity.

The result is displayed as a 2D or 3D curve, showing areas where magnetic field has to be tuned.

This feature makes the tuning of rotatable magnet bars much easier, and allows less productivity losses in magnet bar tuning.

Examples of equipement and services

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