Our values

Corporate values of GRADEL


We will ensure honesty and fairness in all our actions. Our work ethic drives us to commit ourselves to always do the right thing.


The customer is the BOSS. If we do not support the customer directly, we serve those, whose job it is to do so. We act as entrepreneurs to foster sustainable customer relationships by striving every day to guarantee our customers the highest possible value of our products and services.


We have a relentless drive to be top of the class. But we always remain humble.

We are characterized by perseverance.


We are not satisfied with good enough. Our work ethic is driving us naturally to continuously improve.

We act result orientated.


We pay the necessary respect to our counterpart, as we would wish for ourselves. We encourage teamwork and rely on a lean and flat structure. Mistakes are not hidden, but communicated, discussed, with respect to the highest safety standards.


We will treat all people with courtesy, dignity and respect. Gratitude and patience is a strong virtue. The protection of the environment and our employees has highest priority.

Company Vision / Motto / Mission of GRADEL


Leading the way in sustainability!


Contributing with innovative concepts and technologies to decarbonize industry.


Striving for the optimal ratio of economic and ecologic sustainability

  • NUCLEAR : Optimisation of waste volume, irradiation dose and cost for all parties
  • SPACE & DEFENCE : Empowering sustainability by design & concept
  • LIGHTWEIGHT : Setting a new standard in industry with the Gradel Robotic Additive Manufacturing (GRAM) for sustainable lightweight solutions
  • SPUTTERING TARGETS  : Targeting efficiency and sustainability