Our values

Our values

We aim to bring global solutions to the problems of our customers. To fulfil this mission sustainably, we promote constant innovation, we commit to improve quality, safety and health at work, and to reduce our environmental impact, and we implement an active human resources policy.


Our mission to develop new pragmatic solutions four our customers is driven by innovation. GRADEL spends 5 to 6 % of its turnover in R&D of new products and new manufacturing processes. As a result, GRADEL has registered 6 patents in its name. All innovative concepts developed by GRADEL are produced and set up by GRADEL. The company supports its customers during installation and operation of the equipment.

Safety and health

The quality of products, the safety of staff and installations are the main principles of GRADEL safety policy. The company spends daily time to build up a real corporate safety culture and to monitor the evolution of the regulatory environment. All these concerns aim to achieve the goal of zero accident as well as to reduce and control the occupational risks. In this sense, training and awareness activities are regularly implemented to promote compliance with the safety rules and good practices.

The safety certification of GRADEL according to OHSAS 18001:2007 is a customer guarantee for performance and quality awareness.


Promoting quality since the beginning of the 90s, to fulfil the high requirements of nuclear market, GRADEL implements an effective continuous improvement system. The quality of GRADEL activities and services is recognised through following certifications:

  • ISO 9001 : 2015
  • KTA 1401
  • EN 1090 Exc. 4
  • Welding certificates for welders and welding processes


Concerned by its environmental impact, GRADEL is certified according to ISO 14001 : 2015 and to the national label SuperDrecksKëscht. These certifications recognize the commitment of GRADEL to improve its environmental performance, to prevent and manage its industrial wastes and to reduce direct and indirect environmental disturbances of its activities.

Human resources policy

Because the staff of Gradel plays an essential role in the success and development of our group, we make from management and human resources fundamental daily work tools. We promote the human dimension of our group with good working relationship and the recognition of everyone. We focus on recognizing the professional and human value of our employees, by giving them attractive missions and responsibilities with management, thanks to active development of their talents. The diversity of our business activities is like that of our teams. Thus, we commit to the fight against all forms of discrimination in terms of recruitment and improvement, to support equality in the workplace and the feminization of our teams, integration and retention in employment of people with disabilities.