Flight Hardware

Flight Hardware

GRADEL’s Flight Hardware for spacecrafts are typically parts and assemblies made of aluminum or high performance plastics which are used in small satellites.

Such parts or assemblies are:

  • Structural parts
  • Interface ring
  • Cable protections
  • Deployable antennas

They are dedicated to enable special functions on the spacecraft.

GRADEL Ultralightweight Department has developed a manufacturing technique which reduces and optimizes the weight of the parts for flight hardware. The process has the ability to orient stiffness according to the desired functions and load cases. It has the latest computational power to help you with your design challenge in house. Thus, creating intelligent ultralight structural components that can reduce weight down to 70% compared to their counterparts. The advantages of the process are almost limitless due to the flexibility in choice of material and excellent repeatability with robotic winding equipment.

Examples of equipement


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