Standard MGSE

The Mechanical Ground Support Equipment of GRADEL is in operation for different sizes of satellites and for different types of missions like telecommunication, earth observation or science.

They are used for all Assembly, Integration and Test activities of spacecrafts inside the clean rooms of our customers.

  • Multipurpose Trolley to tilt, rotate, lift and move a Spacecraft (S/C) or its elements
  • Lifting devices to lift the S/C in vertical or horizontal orientation with the facility crane.
  • Integration Stands to hold and to move the S/C in a vertical orientation
  • CATR equipment to hold the S/C with its antennas during the test of the antennas.
  • Other MGSE to simulate the 0g condition in space in the facility, to deploy sensible equipment like panels, radiators or booms which are connected to the S/C.

Examples of equipement


Marco Marques

T  : +352 39 00 44 26

Farzaneh GHOLAMI

T  : +352 39 00 44 48

Pierre-Emmanuel Meiers

T  : +352 39 00 44 74

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