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HR strategy

As a guiding principle, Equal opportunities are the overriding objective of our company. We strive to create a working environment in which all employees, regardless of gender, culture, nationality have equal opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

We focus on the consistent removal of barriers that hinder individual development opportunities. This includes the identification and removal of gender-related, cultural or other barriers.
Our strategy aims to create a space in which employees have the freedom to realise their individual life plans. This includes flexible working time models, family friendliness and an open corporate culture.
We actively promote the career development of all employees, regardless of gender, culture and nationality. In doing so, we focus on targeted further training measures, mentoring systems, and the creation of transparent career paths.
The establishment of transparency and fairness in all areas of the company not only promotes employee motivation, but also increases productivity. This is crucial for corporate resilience and crisis resilience.
Our personnel development is geared towards ensuring equal development opportunities for all employees. We focus on targeted training and measures that emphasise equality.

Our equality goals should not be achieved through coercion, but through a targeted and supportive strategy. We emphasise that development is based on voluntary action and conviction.
Our CEO is committing to motivate young people in secondary school classes in Luxembourg for opting to a technical or scientific career. These school classes are mixed and have generally 50/50 gender balance.
Specific attention will be given when selecting students for internship, as this is an excellent opportunity for starting a professional career in GRADEL group.

This strategy forms the basis of human resources management within the company and not only strengthens diversity, but also the performance and resilience of the GRADEL Group.


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