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Special purpose machines for the maintenance and dismantling operations in the nuclear industry.



Special purpose machines for space domain: MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment) for handling satellites, MGSE for instrumentation and flight hardware.


Ultra light weight constructions

xFK in 3D: technology for wraping hybride parts for space and Industry

Constructions ultralegeres

Sputtering targets

Sputtering targets for the glass industry with rotatable targets, planar targets, accessories for coaters and engineering services.

Sputtering Targets


Special purpose machines for general industry with a specific know-how in chemical, tyre, steel and food & beverage industry.



Let’s innovate

GRADEL is established in Luxembourg since 1965.

The company is operating 2 activities: Project management of special purpose machines dedicated to nuclear, space and general industry and production of sputtering targets for the glass industry.

GRADEL develops turn-key special purpose machines (mechanical automated equipment) for more than 50 years.

It markets rotative targets, planar targets, accessories for coaters and engineering services, in the glass industry.

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